Annual Maintenance Contract

Onsite Maintenence

Annual Maintenence contract(Comprehensive)

Annual Service Contract (Non-Comprehensive)

Period of maintenence service availability

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Annual Service Contract

About Annual Service Contract

This service is mainly availed for refilling the battery with distilled water.

Here spares will be changed only under chargable basis.

UPS / Battery Rental

Rentals are used in both emergency and planned situations. We can provide you the rental you need, when you need it with answers to a few, simple questions. UPS Rental powered by Sure Power is up to the challenge of keeping you on and meeting the demands of each of our customers.


Reduced investment

Maximum flexibility

Fast service

Compliance with standards

For availing battery/UPS rental just call us @ 0422-2574000 or 9244415551


Service Hot Line (12 *7):

  • We have Completed 10,000 service calls annually
  • We are provide immediate response to all customers on a 24 hour , a day basis
  • Provide immediate access to all products , UPS & BATTERY ,Servo stabilizer, Solar ONGRID ,OFFGRID , Street Light ,Water Heater .
  • Call customer support if you would like our friendly agents to help you resolve an issue with your order. You’ll find the phone numbers for our support teams below.
Department Hours of Operation Phone Number
WORKING Mon – Sat, 9am – 6pm

Landline: 0422-2574000 /2575000 /2576000

Cell: 924441-5551 / 73737-90075