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Leader in Technology, Quality and Competitiveness Air Cooled KONDAAS's solar inverter with MPPT (VFD) Variable Frequency Drive will give maximum torque with minimum sunlight.

The system requires no battery; the panel can be directly connected to the inverter which in-turn can be connected to a 3-phase motor. The OSP based control will track & extract maximum power from the solar panel so that the motor runs at a constant torque for the wide range of intensity of sunlight-morning till evening.

This will give 35% extra energy which results in pumping 35% more water compared to the conventional 3-phase inverter +3 phase pump or DC motor based water pump.

Type of Pump

HP Head Litre per Minute
1HP 200 Feet 30 LPM
2HP 350 Feet 40 LPM
2HP 450 Feet 50 LPM
3HP 600 Feet 40 LPM
4HP 550 Feet 35 LPM
5HP 600 Feet 40 LPM
7.5HP 700 Feet 45 LPM
10HP 900 Feet 45 LPM