Solar Ongrid Plant System Details

Solar PV modules convert sun light into energy and generate DC Power during the day

DC Power is supplied to the inverter which convert Dc to AC power is supplied to domestic load

Net meter is synchronized with solar ongrid and has set priority of utilizing the solar power first followed by ongrid power

System offers dual benefits - first by reducing the electricity usage from grid and secondly by minimizing the net payable amount by adjusting the cost of electricity supplied to the solar ongrid by your system

A valuable feature of solar grid-tie or grid-connected photovoltaic systems is the ability to connect with the existing power grid and sell excessive electricity back to the utility with a plan known as Net Metering. At times when you are not using all of the electricity produced by your system, your meter will spin backwards selling the electricity back to the solar ongrid at retail rate. This systems do not include a battery. Power is obtained from the utility solar ongrid when the system is not producing electricity.

Balance of System


Less expensive as battery not required

Any amount of load can be operated

Minimum loss of electricity due to high efficiency Grid-Tie Inverters

Reduces cost of operations and maintenance of generator set

Stable and adequate supply of electricity

Optimal use of all available energy resources

Reduces reliance on fossil fuels

Cleaner and healthier energy

Process Video

Process Chart